Welcome to Lisa Davenport Designs.

Interior Design is a personal process, it’s about generating an environment where memories are made. The interior of your home is a place for you to live your daily life, plan for your future, and surround yourself with artifacts from your past. Each room serves not only a functional purpose, it also reflects your personality and provides insight to your inner self.

For some, Interior Design is an intimidating experience. I believe in designing what you think feels right. Often if it feels right, it will look right. Creating any space can present you with a world of options, but few easy answers. At Lisa Davenport Designs, my 20 years of experience has allowed me to develop and evolve a process that makes your design journey enjoyable, seamless, and most of all... personal.

I'm often asked what defines a 'Lisa Davenport' interior. I work up a signature style through collaboration with each of my clients. While I bring my skills and design sensibilities with me into each space, the final design is all about the client — it has to feel like an extension of their identity.




Lisa Davenport Designs, LLC
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