With over 20 years of designing fine interiors & exteriors, Lisa and her team have received some glowing testimonials. Here are some of the highlights:

“Hiring Lisa has proven to be the single most significant decision made throughout our ongoing home renovation project. After spending a lot of time and money working with other designers…and making several costly design mistakes…Lisa has helped my husband and I put our house and our lives back together. Her style is your style. Lisa’s primary objective throughout the design process is to create a space that YOU love and that will stand the test of time. We have most recently finished a complete custom kitchen renovation and will soon be starting on a full gut master bedroom, bath, and closet project. Under her expertise, our house is transforming into a dream home…one room at a time. Lisa thoughtfully listens to your vision and then connects you to the products and resources that bring dreams to reality. Despite her busy schedule, simply a result of being in high demand, Lisa always takes the necessary time to make us feel like we are her top priority. Since our initial engagement more than three years ago, Lisa has become an invaluable resource and, in a way, part of our family.”
~Kiara & Peter

“Lisa and her team are exceptional at what they do. Lisa invests time into understanding and getting to know the style and preferences of her clients before designing the project. We recently added a pool, patio, and an expansive outdoor living space with a covered pavilion. We met with Lisa at various times throughout the project and she advised on layout, traffic flow, stone inlays, trim details, colors, textures, etc. Additionally, we purchased all of the furniture through Lisa and it all works together very well and is exactly our taste. Everyone who has seen the finished product has the nicest things to say about it and it couldn’t have been done without LDD. If you are looking for a designer or just someone to provide you with the confidence during decision making; stop looking…”
~Michael & Ali

“Lisa is a talented, professional, and overall amazing interior designer. Our family has worked with her for more than seven years, in which time she has created beautiful spaces in every part of our home. We began to work together after just having moved into our new home, and she has done the design work now for every space in our home, from our family room to my daughter’s bedroom and play space. Each room is meticulously designed, considering our budget, our likes and dislikes, what suits the spaces and what will make us love our home even more. I cannot possibly express what an amazing job she done over these past few years. Lisa is so easy to work with, listens to our needs as well as bringing her professional views, incorporates elements which reflect our personalities as well as pieces that work together to make our house a home, and uses pieces that are reasonably priced as well as the occasional splurges in places it will be the most beneficial. Every person who enters our home wants to know who our designer is! Lisa comes highly recommended for sure!”
~ Sue & Stephen

“Lisa starts by listening to what you would like to see and experience and then proceeds to build an environment that you feel connected with. We love the look and feel of the spaces that have been created in our home. Lisa effectively communicates her vision through hand drawings and multiple samples and photos. We could see and touch the projects before they are completed. Finally, Lisa has an eye for quality and attention to detail so when the project is complete, it will be perfect.”
~David & Eileen