12 Jul 2017

Always a good time!

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A good time seems like an understatement to me.  7.1.17 will be a night I will never forget.  The evening was designed to be a night of thanks, a night to celebrate those who have taken LDD, in July 2012, from a rickety old card table and a laptop to, in July 2017, two offices on the East Coast…in just five short years.

I began this company with a mission not only to create amazing interiors and exteriors for my clients, but also to build strong relationships that would last a lifetime.  On that enchanting night I found my heart full with gratitude and appreciation.

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That evening, I shared how my late grandfather had taught me some great lessons in running a business.  Even though I was young when he sold his bakery, he had led by example, which is the best way to learn.  He taught me to balance your dream and your family, to acknowledge the gifts God has given you and use them to give back.  He said always look to create opportunities for others to better themselves whenever possible.  Everyday I strive to execute these simple yet vitally important acts.  I hope I’m making Grandpa proud.

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The night was filled with details of my signature Cashmere & Blue Jeans® style.  A style that is authentic, polished, supple, splendorous, rustic, refined, easy, chic, comfortable, time-honored, organic.  All mixed up with a touch of my Mayberry influences.

There was a selfie station, complete with a leather bonnet chair and green chandelier in front of a barn and my antique tractor. Mayberry, aka Durham, CT, is just another element of my signature style, so I searched high and low for the perfect venue for this event and found… Historic Gastler Farm.  Along with my amazing LDD team and Bob of RLI Electric, we transformed the already exquisite grounds into a captivating atmosphere.

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Durham is a farming community, so Kathleen searched for weeks for the perfect caterer to serve our guests in a farm-to-table fashion.  Hazen & Jason of Clark Farm and Bushy Hill Catering were a home run!  While they aren’t native to Mayberry, they brought to the table all CT grown delectables for our guests to savor, not to mention, great attitudes, a fun staff, and a presentation that was beyond perfection!

In my desire to continue to share homegrown talent with my guests, we filled the night with the sounds of Jackson Hill.  This group is not only talented but also witty and fun.   I have watched them grow up before my eyes…some from diapers, some from awkward teenagers!  Nowthey are grown men and one amazing woman! They are Mayberry made…and I am so proud to say they are ours!

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 6.35.37 AMFarming is part of the beating heart of my Mayberry, but farming isn’t just cows, corn, and hay.  Vivian of JC Farms shares her love for the craft with some of the most beautiful plants – all locally grown.  The night was dressed with Vivian’s talents, including bright Gerbera daisies, rich begonias, and lush green shrubbery…just another ‘Mayberry Made’ gift to share with my guests.

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This celebration wouldn’t have been complete without Kim of Kim’s Cottage Confections. Kim’s bakery holds a very special place in my heart. She has shared that ‘her first bite of chocolate brownie nirvana’ was one of my grandfather’s brownies.  I can’t count the times I’ve sat at my drafting table in Mayberry with my window open and enjoyed the smell of fresh baked goodies floating through.  On many nights working late I’ve taken comfort in glancing out my window and seeing her light on too … building a business is hard work, long hours, and at times a little lonely … but not in Mayberry when Kim is your neighbor.  Since the beginning Kim has supplied our signature LDD cookies and created amazing confections for our clients and contractors.  She is not only wildly talented but also has become a great friend … we at LDD are blessed to have her as an extension of ourselves.

When I started designing this very special night, I knew I wanted it captured in a such way to remember it always.  I didn’t hesitate for a moment on who I would choose to shoot the event to truly grasp the feeling, the energy, and the gratitude of the night.  Yolanda of Yolanda Christine Photography did exactly this.

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Special thanks goes out to my family and friends who have supported my dreams.  I couldn’t have come this far without their encouragement and assistance.

To all of my clients, the night represented your faith and trust in LDD.  I couldn’t have asked for a better testimonial.

To my vendors and contractors, LDD is only as good as who we surround ourselves with.  Thank you for always putting forth the best craftsmanship and customer service you can and continuing to represent my dreams and mission for LDD.

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Then of course there is my team at LDD, each member brings a strength to the team that is my shortfall.  Their willingness to share their talents to support my dream make us the ultimate dream team.  Thank you for being my cheerleaders and for always being an extension of me.

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Where would LDD be today without my Prince (aka Joe) and my babies? Their love, support and dedication to my dream is unwavering.  I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful expression of their love.

I would be remiss in not taking a moment to thank God for our amazing night.  MScreen Shot 2017-07-09 at 4.03.43 PMany times throughout the night our caterer, Hazen, warned me that the radar showed some nasty weather heading right at us.  Joe, with his eye to the doppler, suggested I start preparing for Plan B…but apparently God had our backs. The storms literally broke apart around Durham, with the exception of a minor little shower that was perfectly timed for our guests to step inside to grab some of Kim’s Cottage Confections’ amazing desserts!

The compliments from guests continue to pour in.  Mark and Peter, my CFO and CPA respectively, raised their glasses that evening and toasted the perfect night.  Then Mark leaned in and whispered, “You know, we can add Events by LDD to your business plan.”  I smiled, winked, and responded, “Never say never Mark!”

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