03 Sep 2014

An Evening In White …..

Imagine planning one of the most elegant dinner parties of the year.  
Your theme white.
You carefully plan the menu, polish the silver, order the flowers and 
layout your outfit for the evening.  
Excitement builds as you anticipate this evening with your guests.  
Of course it does, there is a twist to this unique dinner party …. 
An Evening In White 
~You don’t know where this dinner party will be held!~
Only a few hours before the dinner, where you will dine with hundreds of friends and strangers in a very public place, will you find out the location.  You do all the work, dress your table, bring your appetizers, main course and dessert.  The mystery of where you will be builds as the day approaches, you are about to be part of something amazing …… An Evening In White
An Evening in White is loosely inspired by Diner en Blanc.  Over 25 years ago, Francois Pasquier invited a handful of his friends to a unique dinner party, an elegant picnic.  They were asked to dress all in white to easily recognize each other.  They gathered and dined in very prominent, public places growing their group each year to not only hundreds, but to thousands, and Diner le Blanc was born.  
Diner en Blanc
It is a evening where people gather to revisit some core values that so often are lost in todays wildly busy and technology swamped lives.  
Toronto Diner en Blanc 

Cincinnati Diner en Blanc
San Diego Diner en Blanc
 Joy of Life
Sydney Diner en Blanc 
Yes there are rules.  You must be registered to attend … don’t you dare wear anything but white, you will be turned away.  You will dine on china, use flatware and glassware no plastic and paper will be permitted.  You will conduct yourselves with decorum, elegance and etiquette. You will have fun …. 
An Evening In White is Durham’s is its own ‘Diner en Blanc’, the first of its kind in Connecticut.  Sunday, September 7th at 6pm, Durham will experience the event of a lifetime … after all there are picnics and then there are picnics.  
An Evening In White, sponsored by the United Churches of Durham has a different twist on the night.  Guests are asked to bring a non perishable item to the dinner to help fill the local shelves of the food pantry. 
There is still limited seating for this event, interested parties can still register until September 4th unless the event reaches maximum capacity before then.  Guests for this years event will of course receive priorty for next years event, at the rate this is growing it maybe sold out next year … this year! 
Be a part of history, Bon Appetite! 
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