16 Feb 2015

An Evening of Collaboration

“As clothing wears, fades, stains and stretches, it becomes an intimate record of our physical presence. It traces the edge of the body, defining the boundary between the self and the outside world.”
Does your closet have you feeling a little “Carrie Bradshaw pre-wedding to Big”?
Have you diagnosed your self with a closet full of nothing to wear syndrome?  Does it feel like every time you step foot in your closet you fall down a black hole of digging, tossing, and mis matching? There’s no question that an organized closet can make for better dressing, but there’s a distinct difference between an organized closet… and a dream closet. 
The keys to having it all in your wardrobe and the space it lives in are organization, light, and to have some fun! It’s all about you and your personal style! 
Tomorrow, I’ll be teaming up with Amy from W By Worth for a Night of Collaboration.. So let’s get this party started! I’ve paired some of my favorite pieces from the W By Worth spring line and drool worthy dream closets to showcase just how much your personal style can make a difference. 
Classic, comfortable neutrals come together with a light filled faux finished wood floor. 
Glamor radiates with this chic tweed and lace slip dress and equally chic wall of mirrors. 
Take a walk on the wild side with this eclectic dressing room that would perfectly compliment this jacquard over blouse. 
Texture is key! Even small hints, like a blouse or a rug can make all the difference.
I can’t wait to tell you all about what Amy and I scheme up over  Davenport Bellinis and the company of fantastic ladies. 
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