25 Mar 2017

Coffee in Bed … A D Design Show Finds!

This Saturday morning’s “Coffee In Bed” post reflects back on the entire LDD team’s favorite finds from our visit to New York last week for the Architectural Digest Design Show! Grab your coffee and enjoy.

The AD Design Show is a great way for my team to collaborate and find new, fun products and vendors, but it’s so much more than that too.  Shows like this offer an additional opportunity for my team and me to connect…they let me experience the show through their eyes.  Very often they find something that I may have breezed by.  So this year I asked Kathleen and Laurie to give me their top three finds! Enjoy!

Kathleen has an eye for finding pretty unique items … check out her leaders!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.51.21 AM

Ammonitum – This Swedish founded company offers luxurious hand-crafted functional pieces of art. They create one of a kind wood sculptures that include wash basins, bathtubs, shower towers and decorative objects.  Their process includes using a variety of exotic woods and layering them with a high-lustre varnish, then topping them off with sparkling chrome fixtures. Amazing …


Imaestri – This Italian founded company blends metals into furniture for texture, organic colorations and crisp lines. There was one particular item that drew Kathleen in, the Celato 75, a high boy chest with discreetly created drawers, opened only by pressure sensitive fronts. Not only does it look like art but also is functional art! A win-win for every interior design!

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.09.30 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.52.04 AMMark MacKinnon – To quote Kathleen “Wow – just wow! Not only was his booth presentation filled with large crisp images that looked like blown up sophisticated Instagram art, but also the eye he has behind his camera is so soothing!  I can imagine his art in any soothing location; a master bedroom shoreside with its french doors open and the salty air tousling the sheer drapes in the wind…or a serene bathroom with a freshly drawn soaking tub filled to the brim with bubbles just bekoning you in.”  It’s true, Mark is incredibly talented.  All of his work is printed on 100% cotton matte paper under museum reflection free glass.

Laurie from my business office, a rookie to design shows, had her head spinning! I truly enjoyed watching her discover this world of trade shows.  Here are her top three!


Range Craft Hoods – Drama for your kitchen like you’ve never seen before! This company offers a wide variety of styles all made in the USA.  These aren’t just nice decorative units, each hood is complete with a quiet fan, interior blower, and lighting with dimmers upon request.  Laurie was dazzled by this Rococo style hood with Swarovski crystals imbedded into it…talk about a girl needing a little bling!



armillary_garden_artDavid Harber Sculptor.  Here Laurie found not only an amazingly talented sculptor from England, but also a product that can house your story. Shown above is the Armillary Sphere in which a client can commission it to include important dates, names, or coordinates on a map for a very special location.  Imagine this on display in a courtyard with a wedding date, the coordinates of where your child took their fist steps, or maybe a favorite travel destination…your only limitations are your imagination. What a fabulous piece to become a family heirloom.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.58.36 AM

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.16.09 AMDorya – This choice surprised me since the line has such a contemporary and European flair.  Laurie’s personal taste is pretty classic and traditional.  Then Laurie pointed out the chairs she liked and I began to see her attraction.  This coupled with the history and quality of the product and, I quickly realized she made a very smart choice.  My only disappointment is I didn’t get a chance to see it first hand! Guess I’ll be hunting them out at the High Point Market!

So…now on to my finds from the AD Design Show.  This is always a tough one for me because I love SO much!  Nevertheless, I did narrow the choice down to three! Trust me you’ll most likely be seeing more in future blogs!


American Brass & Crystal – It’s no secret I love product with a good story…and if that product is made in the USA…even better!  Welcome to one of my favorite AD Design Show finds, American Brass & Crystal.  This family owned company offers beautiful traditional and transitional lighting.  ABC imports their brass components from some of the finest suppliers in Italy and their crystals from around the world.  Then, the talented New Jersey artisans manufacture and assemble the fixtures.  The beauty of this process is it offers lots of flexibility in your final fixture!  Like a fixture but wish it had 8 arms instead of 6…not a problem, wish the single tier chandelier was a double, easy smeasy.  I’ve been invited to the factory for a tour in the near future. I can’t wait to share the behind the scenes story with you!  Stay tuned!


42615_1Waterworks – Now this is not a new company to me; honestly I have followed them for years.  Above is a corner of my dream tub! The reason I chose them as one of my AD Design Show favs is (and shame on me for this!) I didn’t realize they were founded in Connecticut!! *gasp*  Waterworks offers a healthy range of traditional, transitional and contemporary plumbing fixtures. The quality is unsurpassed and attention to detail of the designs is exceptional. Barbara, one of the founders is still heavily involved in the design and manufacturing process.  I’m working on an interview with her in the near future…stay tuned!


Wrenlab Ceramics – Potters …I am always in awe of potters.  As a student of fine art, one who quite honestly excelled in many mediums…I dabbled at the wheel.  Let’s just say the wheel and I aren’t friends.  Erin is wildly talented.  At first I thought her work was a little dark and heavy, but I was quickly corrected! It’s fresh, free form and even delicate. Well done Erin, well done.

Until next week …


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