20 Dec 2014

My Favorite Things 2014

My Favorite Things …. you’ve waited all year! 

Well, I made it through my first Thanksgiving without my baby girl home.  Joe and I are entering a new chapter in our lives where we now have to
share our babies with their significant others.  In the modern world of text messaging, skype and social media you would think the transition would be easier to swallow, not so …. I still have a lump in my throat!  
As I walked down the staircase and through the foyer on Thanksgiving morning I passed a collage of old photos of Joe’s family from the 1930’s.  Included in this collage is a handwritten letter from his uncle while he was deployed during WWII.  I stopped and studied the letter and had a moment of clarity, while Ashley may not be spending the holiday with us, she is safe and not in a war zone … talk about a reality check!  This letter also became the inspiration for this years My Favorite Things.  
There is something about a handwritten note ….. the personality of the handwriting, the creation of a story, a feeling, or expressing yourself artfully for the recipient is a gift in of itself. 
So this year I’d like to share with you a few favorite desk top items, all crafted here in the USA … even some right here in Connecticut.  It is my hope you too will be inspired to more often than not, drop a note to someone special.  I promise your choice words, in your handwriting will indeed be a perfect personal gift!
Working Title 
Every desk needs a paperweight.  As a child I remember my grandfathers desk having a stack of notes about patients or things to do under a paperweight. Memories of him sitting at that big executive desk, glasses hanging off one of his ears, still makes me smile today. 
Working Title is a division of one of my favorite art lines Soicher Marin, while visiting their showroom at the October Market Allyson and I discovered these charming beauties!  Hand crafted in the USA, these weights are meticulously crafted and composed using the art of decoupage, from images in the Sociher Marin archives. They are fun, beautiful and a must have on any desk! 
Working Title creates so much more than just paperweights, they have created clocks, various plates and are experimenting with vases and more! Unfortunately these beauties are only available to the trade, although if you’re interested …. we can help you out! These are positively a unique gift that will be remembered. 
The King’s Scribe 
Who could imagine that doodling in the margins of a legal pad would turn into a successful creative business.  That is exactly how Alissa Harvey started.  Some serious doodles, which were an escape from the corporate world for Alissa, exploded into designs for exquisite stationary and pure excellence.  
I just love success stories … Alissa’s talents continued to shine as she developed her craft, her designs have been featured in Martha Stewart, the Knot and more. The orders kept coming and she outgrew her Studio in Danbury CT, the next logical step? Open a store front.  
Alissa’s shop The Kings Scribe can be found about 25 miles over the CT state line in Chappaqua NY.  Here you will find not only stationary but all writing essentials, gifts, clothing and more!  No worries, just because Alissa has a brick and mortar location, doesn’t mean she’s lost that personalized design service.  She still designs and customizes beautiful stationary & invitations check her out … you’re sure to be impressed!
The Village Chocolatier 
Let’s just be honest … while the idea of writing a personal note is a wonderful idea, its something many of us are out of practice with.  It may take a little bribing to get some of us to actually sit at a desk and write! …. So … let’s bribe ya!  
Everyone loves chocolate!  The Guilford Green has some of the best. With a combination of handcrafted chocolates and truffles made on site and other confections imported through out New England you are sure to find an amazing selection. 
The Village Chocolatier  is worth SO the trip to Connecticut’s historic Guilford, there you not only will find the delicious confections but a day of shopping and dining on the historic green. 
‘You’ve got mail’ …. 

I chuckle when I reminisce about being excited back in the day, as my PC took 5 minutes to warm up, then the squelch of the phone line connecting to the web and my AOL account announcing ‘You’ve got Mail!’. 

Now, I open my laptop each day and I literally have hundreds of emails to dig through, lets just say the excitement is no longer there.  

Although, funny when I pick up my snail mail and see a hand scripted envelope … I smile and rip it open … because ‘I got mail!’

I wish all of you … lots of mail and a very Merry Christmas …. 

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