Boston Courtyard

An arched garden gate encourages guests to leave behind bustling city life and enter a serene private garden where decorative stone complements organic scenery. The courtyard features a walkway paved with slate and brick, surrounded by thick boxwood shrubs, welcoming visitors and guiding them into this three-tiered domain of tranquility. A classic New England entry door, complete with a brass doorknocker and antique reproduction light, flanks the left side of the second tier. This, along with windows, is actually a faux façade to finish the large blank brick wall that was part of a 1970s-era addition. The third and final level of the courtyard offers ample dining space on a slate patio finished with a brick border. What appears to be a servants’ entry, with a classic door and window with flower box, is in fact a potting shed. Contractors painstakingly searched for bricks to match the existing wall and slate for the roof, again giving the illusion it was part of the original design.

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