Boston Interior

This five-story, mid-nineteenth century brick row house, built in 1890 and nestled in the historic South End of Boston, exudes rich character and intoxicating charm while serving as a tempting escape to paradise in a diverse city. The clients requested ample storage, a powder room, laundry room, office space, lounge space and full kitchen with plenty of natural light. Lisa creatively defined the space with architectural elements and very few walls. The main entry door swings into the garden-level kitchen where light floods through nine-foot French doors and exposed brick adds personality. Guests gather comfortably around the generous island to enjoy the courtyard views, while exposed beams define the kitchen space from the lounge. A large-cased opening breaks the office space and creates a shrouded entry to the laundry area. This project merges modern and traditional with a touch of Lisa’s signature style Cashmere & Blue Jeans™ – rustic, refined, easy, chic, comfortable and time-honored.

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