20 Dec 2014

You’re Gonna Miss This …. A Christmas Letter

Sharp, long shadows criss crossed with bright sun rays fell upon my face.  The blinds gently tapped against the window pane as a breeze made its way through the shade and kissed my cheeks. My arm slid across the crumpled sheets as I began to stretch and enter the world of the living.  Sleeping past 6:00 am was a luxury bestowed upon me that special morning, and I was relishing every second I could grab. The muffled voices that seeped under the bedroom door drew me farther from slumber and closer to reality.  

The door opened a few inches and in a strained whisper I heard ….
“Mummy? Mummy?…… Halffy Burfday!” 
“Sssshhhh Joey! Mommy’s Sleepin’!”
“Ok, guys … move aside I’ve got Mommy’s coffee”

I laid there with my eyes closed, playing opossum, straining to hold back a smile and a giggle.  Joe leaned over me … 
“I don’t know guys I think she’s still asleep, let’s let her rest’
“Awwwee… buff its her Burfday!”

I let one eye open and started to smile
Ashley sucked in a quick breath and smiled, her excitement couldn’t be contained.
She bounced up and down on her toes.
“She’s awake, she’s awake I saw her open her eye!” 
There she stood, with her disheveled platinum hair, her wide crystal blue eyes and broad smile she melted my heart. 
“Mummy? Mummy?” 
Another little toe head bounced just above the side of my bed. I slowly slid my face to the edge of the bed, and peaked over the side.
“Ashwee, Ashwee you right! She’s awake! Halffy Burfday Mummy, Halffy Burfday!” 
There just below me, Joey’s chocolate eyes connected with mine. He squealed, grabbed Joe’s leg and buried his face into his leg. 

I scooted up in the bed and patted the blankets next to me, welcoming the kid’s company.  Joe handed me off the coffee as Ashely snuggled in close under my arm.  I kissed her forehead and sucked in the smell of her hair, how could something smell so good? 
“I wanna sit wiff Mummy!” 
Ashley the forever good big sister moved over and let her little brother in, somehow my arm still reached around both of them. 

Joe sat at the foot of the bed and announced it was my day, so I got to chose what we would do for the day.  So I thought about it … 
“Hhhhmmm, how about we go grocery shopping?!”
In chorus .. “nooooo!” 
“Uummm, we can weed the gardens?”
In chorus the protest continued … “Nnnoooooo!” 
“I know, we can clean the bathrooms!” 
Joey … confused didn’t answer, Joe laughed and Ashley rolled her eyes and said “Mommy, No! Let’s do something fun!” 
I sipped my coffee, attempting to add a little suspense to the morning, honestly I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.  Then it came to me … 

“How about we go to the Park?!”
Cheers of approval filled the bedroom. 
Then I threw them a little curve ball …. “That is the Park in  ……New York City!”
There was a moment of dead silence, exchange of blank stares between my three precious loves, then a cheer of approval. 

The spontaneity of the day was thrilling, I wonder if any other family could have packed so much into one day. We visited the zoo, we saw Balto, Ashely climbed up onto Alice in Wonderland’s mushroom and Joey begged to watch the remote boats race for what seemed like hours!  We recharged ourselves with hot dogs and lemonade under a tree where we dozed a bit and watch a local baseball game … we even rented a row boat and saw the park from a totally unique view, a view I had only seen through the photos. There were sticky fingers, ketchup on more than just the hot dogs, a skinned knee, and plenty of sun kissed cheeks. 

As the sun began to drop below the trees, Joe carried a tuckered out Joey and I held my baby girls hand as we made our way back to the car.  Joe buckled Joey into his car seat, Joey through a half yawn said “Halfly Burfday Mummmmy” I smiled.  I helped Ashley with her seat belt and she asked, “Did you have fun Mommy? I had fun Mommy, I hope you had fun, I love you Mommy” I sighed and smiled  “Thank you Babies … “ 

As I buckled my seatbelt, Joe leaned over and kissed my forehead then said, “Happy Birthday Honey”,  I thought to myself, this is the most perfect day of my life. 

That most perfect day was over 13 years ago, but I swear it happened this past August. Those little voices are as clear in my head today as the day they were delivered to me.  We never quite understand the speed that life rushes by us until we take a moment to reflect back.  I’ve been blessed to have many of these ‘most perfect days of my life’, truly blessed.  As I questioned what this years Christmas letter would be about, Joey jokingly said “Write about your wonderful kids Ma!”  Note: I’m no longer Mummy … I’m Ma!  Years ago Joey inspired a Christmas letter and once again he had done it.

 Joe and I are entering a new chapter in our lives, a chapter that I for one am having a little adjustment issue with.  My baby Ashley is living on her own in NYC, while I know she still needs us she’s a beautiful, independent woman working, paying her own way and living her own life.  My baby Joey (6’ tall, 210 lbs) is a Junior in High School, he still need us … (I make sure he doesn’t forget that) but my days are limited and this I know.  I’m treading dangerously into that zone of ‘crazy lady in the grocery store’.   We’ve all met her, the lady that stops and greets you and your wee one only to go on and on about how fast the time goes, and how you should treasure every moment!  …. Yep I’m her.  

Please, treasure today …. Make each day awesome and take every opportunity to create a rocking chair memory.  

Merry Christmas from The Davenport Family  

….. including the crazy lady from the grocery store 

You’re Gonna Miss This …. 

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